About Me

My name is Lisa and I founded Gemini Events in January 2014.
I was married for 17 years and lost my husband in a car accident, leaving me with 2 children, now teenagers.

When I was first widowed, I found it very daunting socialising alone again as I was constantly surrounded by couples and I’d never HAD to go out alone in nearly 20 years. All my friends were fabulous and they invited me here there and everywhere, but they were all married and I was always the odd one out at social gatherings.

I felt that I couldn’t possibly be the only one feeling like this, and it turns out I’m far from it. I created a facebook page, sent messages out to both men and ladies on various different sites to test the water and within a month, had 200 likes on the page!
So this is why I formed Gemini Events.

Everywhere I had previously looked to meet others was categorized into DATING sites with the sole purpose of meeting members of the opposite sex. I wanted to meet other like minded people, both male AND female to simply get out of the house once in a while, socialise, to make new friends along the way and to have a laugh once more.

The difference with Gemini Events is that it is NOT a dating group. The main aim is for you to socialise with others in a relaxed, chilled-out, comfortable environment, and have lots of laughs without any of the expected pressures of 1:1 “interview” techniques like speed dating, or the cattle-market approach to other singles events, reminding you of the old school disco! If you come along and happen to find your soul-mate at one of the events, then fabulous, (I get to use my hat that’s collecting dust!). It has happened over the last few years and we were able to celebrate one couple getting married and the first Gemini-introduced baby!

I organised my first event, a fun quiz night for the 10th Feb 2014 and it received a lot of positive feedback. This, and other feedback on the group can be found under the “COMMENTS & FEEDBACK” tab above.

I look forward to welcoming you at one of the future events.